Who we are?

Leader Lab Software Limited is established since 1998 which specialized in the innovating Management and Operations System for enterprises for more than 15 years.  Over the years we have been serving more than 1,000 clients with our professional technical support services to empower their management and business decisions.

Our support service centers have been set up in both Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China in order to ensure smooth initial implementation and secured maintenance service for our clients especially those with China business. Our unique business solution system – TreeSoft Systems – is well recognized and highly recommended by our clients.

TreeSoft Systems offer solution to various industries, including: Wholesaling & Distribution; I/E Trading; POS & Chain Store; Manufacturing; HK-CN Drayage; Logistic & Warehousing and Forwarding; Business Center; On-site Maintenance Services.

What we believe?

LEADERs colLABorate

Our Vision is to get all the business elites (LEADERs) together to develop effective and efficient business solution (colLABorate) to raise the industry competitiveness in the long run. Therefore, we collaborate with leaders in various business areas in developing comprehensive business solution. We strongly believe that Collaboration, instead of Competition, is the key to success of the industry as a whole.

Social Responsibility

We understand that some NGOs are somewhat lack of resources and support for developing their information system. As a socially responsible technology firm, Leader Lab is delighted to provide consulting service to NGOs to soothe their administration and fund management work. We provide the user license of our self-developed finance system (TreeSoft) and related services for free. NGOs are welcome to contact us for any enquiry relating to system application.

Success by Referrals

We treasure quality referral as one of our key marketing growth strategies. Over 80% of customers are from referrals by our existing customers, partners and vendors. Leader Lab is the founding member of Hong Kong BNI Awesome Chapter. BNI is the largest business referral organization in the world with over 150,000 members in 52 countries.



Leader Lab maintains good strategic relationship with our partners, which includes IT companies, System Integrators, Accounting and Consulting Firms. Through collaboration, we consolidate the strengths from different companies to develop integrated solution which can eventually become a profitable source to the industry as a whole. And most importantly, our clients enjoy the most comprehensive solution and professional advice which satisfy their business needs.

What our clients say?

  • We are satisfied with the TreeSoft HR & Payroll, Accounting and the tailor-made Sales Commission System. It shortens the processing time of our Accounting department in calculating sales commission, enabling them to pay off commission to our sales team faster and raise the work morale which results in better sales.

    Vincent Lai, Executive Director of Flourish Property www.hkfpa.com
  • We have been in partnership with Leader Lab and using TreeSoft System for 10 years. The synchronization of the Online Shopping System and our Internal I/E Trading System not only simplify the working process and increase work accuracy, but also help our clients keep track of the shipping status and situation themselves via online. We continually build trusting relationship with our clients and help expand our business. We highly recommend the TreeSoft System to any companies for enhancing their operations!

    Alfred Tong, Executive Director of Grand Universe www.granduniverse.com
  • We use TreeSoft CRM System to manage our clients’ database, including: tax report generation, keeping track of the documents status etc. It helps to simplify our work procedures and save more manpower which increases the work accuracy and improves efficiency. The overall service provided by Leader Lab is great. Their support staff is professional and experienced and the response time to our enquiry is relatively fast.

    Eric Chan, Executive Director of Reach Top www.hongkongcpafirm.com