• Function introduction


    The number of stores: can accommodate up to 1000

    The style, color, size: support for different combinations of inventory (such as: style, color, size),
    More reference inventory information stick out a mile

    Can support different units of goods: suitable for goods to different units of computation as sales, such as whole or Jin, two, money and so on.
    More can be connected to the electronic pounds, cashier process more convenient and accurate

    The deposit function: handle customer set requirements, a clear understanding of the situation whether the customer has been engaging the load of

    Octopus payment: Octopus system supplier, can support the octopus payment

    Data transfer: via broadband or telephone lines to transmit, fully automatic operation

    Payment method: users can set (CASH, VISA, MASTER, COUPON, etc...)

    Multiple discount function free flexible: buy more different or the same goods can enjoy a special, different time, different price buy to send a, where the consumption of full specified amount can enjoy twenty percent off discount, the discount, projects or different customers for different discount etc....

    Barcode: self-made goods barcode, barcode, barcode member suppliers, make sales, inventory and report query... , convenient and quick

    The report system: analysis of 100 kinds of diversification, in addition to the screen display or print, more freedom in the choice of all kinds of report output to Excel, DBF, PDF, TXT...... Valid data, make flexible use

    Input goods way: sales can avoid errors and make the salesperson to work more smoothly, can select input goods information in different ways (for example: goods bar code, item code, types of goods, goods name... )

    Shop miscellaneous expenses: according to the type of Expenditure Input shops such as salaries, rent; so that the net shop

    Purchase management: the most accurate grasp the different goods in goods cost, and calculate the profit more contrast each supplier purchase information, or repayment date etc.

    Computer control register: automatic locker function

    Machine list: you can use the invoice list machine or dot matrix printer

    Customer display: display of goods and payment details

    The security function: can limit access each use to prevent leakage of information

    Data security: backup function, ensure that data is not lost

    Sino British exchange: the user can in real - time in the Sino British exchange system

    System software: all genuine original, provided free of charge to the customer

    Inventory: can choose shuttle laser check machine, the number of downloads after inventory is the most accurate inventory to the cash register

  • Multiple discount function


    For some time - only certain types of goods specified goods or make a discount, and special goods or goods except special discount

    Through the different time different price, for example: A 01/10/2007 to 30/10/2009 15:00-16:30=$200.00 by goods

    We can set a variety of different gift package combination, for example: the goods A, B, C... Any buy over 5 pieces of =$10.00, 7 =$12.00

    In a certain period - can choose goods date individual discount, for example: A ten percent off B twenty percent off goods, goods

    For a period of three - date send one or more to buy a discount (a forty yuan, one hundred yuan three)

    Where the consumption of full specified amount can enjoy twenty percent off shopping full quantity, free or preferential price to buy the bid product

    Single goods or the total amount of instant discount or change the invoice paid in amount

    Can set the deadline for the goods in force and the stop time or launch new preferential price

    Various preferential can choose the original members of the discount and discount or special goods exception

  • Membership set


    Membership information - recording, such as membership number, name, address, identity card and telephone number, etc..

    The a different member consumption may have different individual discount.

    The different age, gender, the amount of consumption, consumption of the number of members in this shop to consult the consumption status, it can also list the consumption of time, amount, gross profit.

    Print the existing various member data.

    Records of consumption - print single or all members of, or address label.

    Can limit the elected membership records of consumption, such as the amount of consumption of more than $5000 or 10 times the number of consumption

  • Automatic transfer of data


    The transmitted data and store synchronization, understand each store instant business status

    Between - switchboard and shop / store and mutual understanding of existing inventory balances

    The operator new, unity of all goods to turn storehouse, supplier,Membership set...

    The switchboard can be business and warehouse stores all the saved data comprehensive analysis

    The transfer process is fully automatic, takes a very short, reduce human error

    We all have recorded delivery

    By the corporation to store data: once added or changed the inventory data, change the price, discount setting, purchase information, storage switching information, membership information, supplier information, user name and authority...

    By the branch to company information: daily sales data, delete or return of the invoice, the deposit record invoice, discount records, inventory out record, member consumption data and operation record...

  • System Flow

  • Technical Advantage

  • Features


Other functions

  •   1. The user set
  •   2. The types of goods
  •   3. The invoice message
  •   4. The silver code display message
  •   5. The backup
  •   6. Price list
  •   7. Terms & condition

Set user name, enter the system password and permissions

Categories used to enter goods, goods can be arranged so as to treatment

Change in the invoice finally giving information, for example, thank you for coming within seven days or bad replacement

Change the silver code display message

The system data backup all, to prevent data loss

The report

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